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  • Home Network Investigation
  • Home Network installation and setup
  • Smartphone and Tablet integration with your Home Network
  • Troubleshooting
  • Home Network Repair
  • File, Printer, Scanner, and Fax Networking

Residential or Home Networking allows you to easily combine your desktop computer, laptop computer, printers, and tablets into one integrated network. Nowadays, most homes have more than one computer. By networking the devices you can benefit from sharing the internet connection as well as sharing the printers. By networking your computers there are benefits. Say you are away from home and want to get a copy of a file that is on your desktop. While networked you have access to all the resources you have at home. Networking can be achieved 3 ways, wired, wireless, and Ethernet over powerline. We are experts in Wireless Network Setup and repair, Network Repair, Sharing Network Connections, Wireless Security, Printer Sharing, File sharing, and just about everything else wireless