Computer Repair Experts in Las Vegas, NV

Computers are an everyday part of our lives. Whether we’re using them to shop online, go to school, or simply communicate, we trust our computers to handle a lot of tasks throughout the day. However, just like any machine, your computer is inevitably going to break down and that is why you need to know where to find the best computer repair in the Las Vegas, NV area.
Choose Computer Medics
At Computer Medics, we realize that people live very busy lives and may not have time to bring their laptops in for routine computer service or repairs. To save people that extra time, we use a revolutionary application to instantly connect to your computer and monitor its health so that we can proactively solve any issues before they can become serious problems.

Our app runs silently in the background of your programs so that we don’t hinder your computer’s speed or performance. We will alert you to any computer service that you may need and get your permission before going to work on the problem. At Computer Medics, we believe that computer repair should be simple for people in the Las Vegas, NV, area.

Below, you can check out a full list of computer service that our application allows us to perform!




  • Scanning and detection
  • Identification and logging
  • Removal and cleaning
  • Internet security protection
  • Software Protection installation


  • Secured Wireless networks
  • DSL Installations
  • Data and files Sharing
  • Internet Sharing
  • Printer Sharing
  • Router Setup and repair
  • Network Security (Firewall)
  • Cabling
  • Wireless Range Extension


  • Disk Tune-up scan disk-de fragment-cleanup
  • Anti-virus updates
  • Windows critical updates
  • Adware/Spy-ware preventions
  • Browser Pop-up Blockers


  • Installations, Upgrades and Repair
  • Hardware replacement and troubleshooting
  • Printers, scanners and web cameras
  • Increase Performance
  • Increase storage (Hard drives)
  • Hard drive upgrade (SSD)
  • Sound and video performances


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